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California Physical Fitness Test Scoring Service

2008-09 Service Feature Highlights

  • 100% CDE compliance with test data formats and submission timelines
  • "Toll free" access to customer and technical support at 888-FIT-IN08
  • Eight years and over 2 million tested students of Physical Fitness Test Scoring experience
  • Lowest pricing for both electronic and scantron services
  • Knowledgeable and timely responses to your questions
  • Costs as low as 34¢ per student


2008-09 Service Feature Highlights

  • District and school level charts and Powerpoint presentations
  • K-12, K-8, 7-12 and other multi-grade span schools receive all appropriate elementary, middle, and high school products for the same low price
  • "Toll free" access to customer and technical support at 888-348-4608
  • only $129 per school